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January 5, 2008 by danielost
that they cannot vote because they don't measure up to our standards.

but where does it stop.

in england it used to be that they only ones with any rights were the royals and the nobles

then they decided that anyone who was a member of the church of england had rights.

then along came 13 colonies who gave everyone rights except for the slaves.

then there was a so called civil war that finally gave these rights to the slaves(read ex).

now we are going all the way back...
January 5, 2008 by danielost
i have trouble with spelling, and i haven't written anything for over 20 years. at least not until i started writing on here. yes this is a bad excuse, but i will use it.

i do not pretend to be able to spell. i am the first to admit it.

i will not be silenced because people want me to be.

i have clinical depression. no the meds don't work on me.

i also have a personality disorder it means i hate being told what to do even if i know i should do it.

but i can read goodly ...
January 5, 2008 by danielost
the uneducated voting.

the only office they were worried about was the office of the presidency. and they implanted the electoral college for that reason. the other reason was length of communication. i don't think we have that problem any more.

but since they already thought of the uneducated people voting.

then why are we telling people they can't vote. just because they can't or won't educate themselves.

there are several reasons that people won't educate themselves to vo...
December 13, 2007 by danielost
fox reported today that house spending is up 63% this year over 2006. yet they have yet to pass any appropriation bills to pay for the government for the year that started in Oct.

the Pentagon is considering by passing the house and borrow money from the navy or air force. or fire civilian contractors in the united states.
December 12, 2007 by danielost
military 15%

education 30%+ kids should be left behind if they need to be as they used to be.

federal highways what ever is needed.

since medi care and social security have their own taxes being heldout for them. that is all that should be used to pay those programs. but their money should only be used for that purpose.

and these funds should be used to purchase non voting non controlling stocks in fortune 500 companies to make sure that we have the funds to help everyone. u...
December 8, 2007 by danielost
i am not sure that this belongs here. but so what.

i am currently watching the move "the note". the preconception of the movie is that a father wrote a note to his child. when he realizes that the plane he is on is going to crash.

but i believe i have already seen the plot twist. and dad wrote the note to his child who was on the plane. this does not take away from the movie.

i will tell you after the movie if i was wrong and i will probable eat crow.
November 26, 2007 by danielost
according to the NATO commanding general in Afghanistan says that the taliban are not on the offensive rather they are on the defensive.

so gene there goes another one of your truths.

they also said that they intercepted a weapons caravan from Iran.
November 24, 2007 by danielost
just heard this on fox news.

home land security is asking the new York firefighters to keep an eye out for terrorists when they go into someones home. the reason is because firefighters don't need a WARRANT to enter a house.

ie home land security is trying to circumvent our rights. i have been saying all along that home land security was a bad thing.
November 20, 2007 by danielost
read the title
November 17, 2007 by danielost
If cleanliness is next to godliness, modern America is the land of the faithful -- fighting the good fight against today's so-called superbugs with sparkling countertops and well-washed hands.

Our culture's cleanliness obsession has been fed by a booming business in household products that promise the virtue of sterility. According to estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency, our antimicrobial crusade has us spending almost $1 billion annually on soaps and detergents, toys and cuttin...
November 16, 2007 by danielost
why do the democrats want to withdraw from Iraq so badly? they will not pass a military pay bill without a withdrawal bill. now here is the real question. why do they want out of Iraq so badly and don't care how long we are in Afghanistan
November 11, 2007 by danielost
November 11, 2007 by danielost
to cut all trade with china.

this year they have poisoned dog and cat food. used lead poisoning in the paint for toys. and now they have used drugs to make toys with.

i say cut all ties with china and boycott the Olympics.

these could all be terrior attacks on the usa by china.

how does that saying go.

fool me once shame on you

fool me twice shame on me.

we are now on fool me four times.
October 25, 2007 by danielost
on this forum

i have learned that

gene is anti bush. he will say or do anything to condemn bush. he talks about nothing else. when he knows that he has lost his latest agreement he starts a new thread with the same argument.

mm attacks a different political group every week and when he runs out he starts all over.

lw is anti abortion, so am i. for different reasons i am sure. she has kids i don't.

the other major lady on here is pro abortion. although she knows...
October 20, 2007 by danielost
with our solar tech would the roof area of a car be enough to charge an electric car.