the uneducated voting.

the only office they were worried about was the office of the presidency. and they implanted the electoral college for that reason. the other reason was length of communication. i don't think we have that problem any more.

but since they already thought of the uneducated people voting.

then why are we telling people they can't vote. just because they can't or won't educate themselves.

there are several reasons that people won't educate themselves to vote or don't register to vote.

1 the African-Americans are told by their leaders, at least the ones in the democrat party that they vote will just be thrown out of the system. even tho no one knows whose vote is whose.

2 the people who never finished high school. because they hear from people like some on here who tell them that if they don't know the issues they shouldn't vote. they can't read or don't know where to go get the info.

and yes all or most states send out little pamphlets telling everyone who and what is one the ballet this time. but they only send them out to the ones who are registered to vote.

3 the lazy people. there is no help for these short of a shotgun.

i have always been told that the most important job for a citizen of the great country of the united states was voting. the second was to serve on a jury if called.

i understand you point that people should know what they are voting about. but i still say that the most important thing is to get the people in those booths. yes some will never really care what or who they are voting for but the will be a few who will wake up.

now you can join Jesse Jackson and AL sharpton and continue to tell people that they shouldn't or can't vote because of their skin color or because of their lack of education. but i will not join any of you in this process. you will note that i am clumping all democrats and republicans into the same boat on this issue because that is where they all belong if they are telling people not to vote for what ever reason.

because the most important thing is to get as many people into those booths every time those booths open up.

by the way i have never told anyone not to write on my blogs because they disagree with me.

i have never called anyone stupid or any other name because they disagree with me.

ok there is one exception, gene, but he is a special case as we all know.
on Jan 05, 2008
i will add one more thing.

the fewer people who are voting. the easier it is to control who and what they will vote for.

take the soviet union. everybody voted. but the only votes that counted where the ones from members of the party.

take iraq again everyone voted but the only one that counted was saddam.

the founding fathers wanted the real power of this country in the hands of the people and they wanted it spread out as far as possible. ie lots of voters. today there is 300 million people in this country. of that only about 1/3 are of voting age. of that less the 50% will vote in the up coming presidental race. of that about 5% will be thrown out because of bad voting on their part. ie they punched to many spaces or what ever.

so doing the math 100 million voting age. 50 million voting. 2,500,000 being thrown out. that leaves 497.5 million votes that will be counted this year. devided by 50 states that is just under 20 million votes per state.

that is not a lot of people voting. for the most important job in the world.

of those votes 30% will vote they way they vote because they and/or they fathers have always voted that way. about another 50% will vote the way the party that they belong to decides to vote. so 80% of the voters don't want or need to be educated because they don't care. that leaves 20% for thinkers. what is that about 10 million people who will decide the direction that this country will go in for the next 4 years.
on Jan 07, 2008
ten voters are easier to control than 10 million.
on Jan 07, 2008
what you people are not getting is

1 you get the people interested in voting.

2 you get the people interested in carimg about the vote.

why do you think the states only send out info on the election to those who are registered to vote.