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Writer's note:

This is going to be my latest after action report. When I am going to try and get it published. So enjoy at let me know what you think.


I have not started a game to go with this yet. I am just writing the background. When I start a game I will give you the stats.


Thank you for reading and any response before hand.


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In the year 2050, The common man finally understood that global warming was just the natural process of the Earth as it shifted orbits for one that was slightly more circular and closer to the sun. As it had done uncountless times over the last 4.5 billion years since it's creation.

In the year 2060, World War 3 started as the Russians sent a Bear bomber to harass the Canadians again. It wasn't supposed to cross over in Canadian air but it did. The Canadians had sent up two f-22s to intercept it and escort it out of the area. When one of it's fighters had a malfunction that ended up with a sidewinder being fired and the bear being shot down. Or, that is what the Canadians claimed.


The UN stepped tried to stop the war before it began. They demanded that the pilot be prosecuted for the shooting down of the bear. The Russians demanded his execution be done in Moscow.


The Canadians asked the US to help investigate the accident. The result was that the Canadians refused to prosecute the pilot for an accident. The Americans backed the Canadians on this matter. Vetoing the UN resolution calling for the prosecution of the pilot.




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Writer's note:
 Angered by this the Russians declared war on Canada.  They caught the Americans and Canadians off Guard, by landing troops in the middle of winter in the Yukon by submarine.  The first wave totaled 100,000.

 It only took the Russians a week to take the Yukon province along with the towns of Invik and Deline in the Northwest province.  They also took the towns of Fort Nelson, Prince George, and Prince Rupert.

 At the demands of the USA, They stopped their advance but refused to remove their troops.  They returned to the UN to to negotiate a peaceful outcome.  During the week that they were negotiating they reinforced their troops and secured the holdings they had.

 At the end of that week the UN and the Russians once again demanded the prosecution and execution of the pilot which the Canadians refused to do.

 The Russians again started to push further into Canadian territory.  However one of their tank columns made a slight navigation mistake and ended up in Alaska.  It must be noted that they did not fire any weapons while in Canada.  But it was enough to bring the USA, England and Mexico into the war on the side of Canada.

 With in a month the Allies were able to bring the Russian attack to a halt.  The rest of Europe stayed out of the war.

 The UN found itself as weak as it's predecessor the League of Nations in stopping this war. 

 By the time the Russian push was stopped they had taken all of British Columbia, The Northwest Territories, and Nunavut in Canada.  In the United States they had also taken the state of Washington, and parts of Oregon, Idaho and Montana.


 This is when the United States releashed it's newest secret fighter.  This fighter was so advanced that Ground troops were only needed to go in and mop up.  In fact this fighter was really a space fighter and not an air fighter.  It seems that the semi-government program SETI had actually worked and The US government had been talking to a race from across space claiming to be our long lost cousins the Alterians.

   Not knowing if these Alterians were truly friendly or even cousins of ours.  The USA had started to design and build some true space fighters.  They had claimed them to be the next generation space shuttles.


 It took almost a year to get the Russians out of Canada.

 The Chinese saw that the United States had it's hands full with the Russians invaded and retook Taiwan.  All the Americans could do at the time was protest.