Published on December 7, 2007 By danielost In History
what posionous plant has become one of the most used food plant around the world.

100 computer cookies to the first one with the answer.

200 if it is gene.
on Dec 07, 2007
potatoes and/or tomatoes

(so-called 'cookies' might also qualify; originally the term referred to the negative rating option often used to punish trolls--thus 'trollhouse cookies'. give half of my winnings to gene and the other to the 'dan quayle spelling foundation'.)
on Dec 07, 2007

is correct they were thought to be posionios because pigs won't eat them raw. and because they are part of the night shade family. like apples and roses.
on Dec 07, 2007
now why are they called love apples
on Feb 07, 2008
Legend has it a Frenchman on his travels ate a meal with tomatoes in it and was fascinated with the new taste. He went back to the chef, who was Italian, and asked him what this new ingredient was. The chef said "Pomme de Maure" (Apple of the Moors), but the Frenchman misunderstood and thought he said "Pomme d'amour" (apple of love). The modern Italian word for tomato however is "pomodoro", which means "golden apple".
on Feb 07, 2008
"Tomato" is a slang word for what?