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Published on November 16, 2007 By danielost In Current Events
why do the democrats want to withdraw from Iraq so badly? they will not pass a military pay bill without a withdrawal bill. now here is the real question. why do they want out of Iraq so badly and don't care how long we are in Afghanistan
on Nov 17, 2007
two words, "Blame Bush".

Afghanistan is a "popular" area of operations, where NATO has agreed to play a big part. The democrats wouldn't get very far if they tried to speak out against Afghanistan. But Iraq, that one they can throw around with wreckless abandon. They can openly call for a surrender (but not use that word of course) and be applauded. If they cut funding and ended it tomorrow, they could still use it against Bush. They can sit and watch the murders, rapes and carnage that would happen if we pull out early and smile... because the worse things get, the more they could "Blame Bush"... even if it would be all their fault... and design.